Mexico Gold Peso Coins

Gold Peso Coins were produced in the oldest mint in North America, the Mexico City Mint. Gold Peso Coins were circulated in Mexico until the mid-20th century.

Mexican Gold Peso coins are a favorite amongst precious metals investors and stackers because of their low premium over gold spot price. Along with vintage European gold coins from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Gold Peso coins from Mexico are the gold equivalent to junk silver coin.

The majority of gold Peso coins have little to no numismatic value. You can buy gold Pesos for very little premium over the gold spot price. Buying gold coins closest to spot price is the best way to preserve wealth and ideal for those looking to invest in gold coins.

Many of the gold Pesos coins available today are official mint restrikes. Restrikes are coins that are produced by the mint, often using original dies, that are back dated to a previous mintage year.

For example, most of the Dos Pesos Gold Coins that are available today are restrikes that are dated 1945. Many of the coins were produced long after 1945. The Mexican National Mint, La Casa de Moneda de Mexico produced these restrikes regularly between 1951-1972 and again in 1996.

Coin Description Gold Weight (Troy Oz) Gold Purity
1870-1905 1 Peso0.0476 .900 Fineness
1919-1947 2 Pesos0.0482 .900 Fineness
1870-1892 2-1/2 Pesos0.1190 .900 Fineness
1918-1948 2-1/2 Pesos0.0603 .900 Fineness
1870-1905 5 Pesos0.2380 .900 Fineness
1905-1955 5 Pesos0.1206 .900 Fineness
1870-1905 10 Pesos0.4760 .900 Fineness
1905-1959 10 Pesos0.2411 .900 Fineness
1870-1905 20 Pesos0.9519 .900 Fineness
1917-1959 20 Pesos0.4822 .900 Fineness
1921-1947 50 Pesos1.2056 .900 Fineness