Washington Silver Quarters

Silver Washington Quarters are the most common silver quarter that is available today.

Washington Silver Quarters were first minted in 1932, then again from 1934 until 1964.

The silver Washington quarter entered circulation on August 1, 1932 to commemorate the bicentennial of the first President’s birth.

Each silver Washington Quarter is minted from an alloy of 90% silver and 10% copper. The approximate silver weight of each silver quarter is roughly .179 troy ounces.

A bank roll of Washington Silver Quarters contains 40 coins. Forty silver quarters is the equivalent of $10 Face Value. Each bank roll of silver quarters contains roughly 7.15 troy ounces of silver. For uncirculated Washington Quarters, the silver content is slightly higher.

The obverse of these silver quarters features the left-facing bust of George Washington. On the reverse is the iconic image of the Heraldic Bald Eagle, along with the face value of the coin and the name of the issuing country.

Washington Silver Quarter Obverse Inscriptions

  • Year date of minting

Washington Silver Quarter Reverse Inscriptions


Silver Washington Quarters were minted in three US Mint locations.

  • The Philadelphia Mint
  • The Denver Mint
  • The San Francisco Mint

Silver quarters minted at the Philadelphia Mint bear no mint mark. The Washington quarters that were minted in Denver and San Francisco bear the “D” and “S” mint marks.

For those interested in stacking silver for the future, Silver Washington Quarters are one of the most affordable and widely recognizable options.

Junk Silver Quarters are an excellent way to begin investing in Silver. These coins are widely available, accessible and their metal content gives each of them a considerable melt value. The premiums over spot price are extremely low, especially when comparing to other fractional silver pieces.

How Can You Identify a Silver Washington Quarter?

There are several simple and easy ways to determine if a Washington Quarter is of the variety that were minted with 90% silver content. The things to look for when identifying silver quarters are:

  • The mintage year. Washington Quarters that are dated earlier than 1964 were minted with 90% silver content.
  • Silver quarters have a slightly different color than clad quarters made after 1964. While checking the date is the first important clue, the luster of a circulated silver quarter is different.
  • The edge of the quarter will be silver all the way through. Clad quarters have a core made from copper which is evident along the edge of the coin. Silver Washington quarters will show a completely silver edge.