Silver Roosevelt Dimes

Roosevelt dimes that were produced from 1946-1964 contain 90% silver. Each dime contains roughly .0715 troy ounces or 2.22 grams of silver.

90% Silver Roosevelt Dime Highlights:

  • Each $5 face value roll contains approximately 3.575 oz of 90% Silver
  • Obverse: Depicts the profile of Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Reverse: Features an olive branch, a torch, and an oak branch, from left to right

Roosevelt 90% silver dimes, also called “Junk Silver” dimes are one of the cheapest ways to collect and stack fractional silver. They are the most common form of junk silver dimes that are available today. Often, they can be often purchased for very little premium over the silver spot price.

Roosevelt Silver Dimes were in common circulation from 1946 until 1964. In 1965, the composition of the metal that was used to mint the dimes was changes to an alloy of copper and zinc.

There are only a few key dates for 90% silver Roosevelt Dimes. Even the key dates in excellent condition only fetch a few dollars each to numismatic collectors.

Many of the junk Roosevelt Dimes that you can buy online, in local coin shops or other places will be in strikingly good condition, especially being that some of these coins were in active circulation over 70 years ago.

Where to Buy 90% Silver Roosevelt Dimes

You can buy 90% Silver Roosevelt Dimes from online bullion dealers, eBay or even your local coin shop. Most often, junk silver dimes will be sold in lots based on their face value.

For example, a standard bank roll contains 50 dimes. This equates to $5 in face value. Each standard bank roll of junk silver dimes contains roughly 3.575 troy ounces of silver.

The price that you pay when you buy junk silver dimes will be based on the current spot price of silver.