Canada Junk Silver

Circulated Junk Silver from Canada is surprisingly plentiful and readily available. There is much less demand for junk Canadian silver coins amongst investors. You can sometimes buy Canadian Junk Silver Coins for below silver spot price.

The composition of silver coins that circulated in Canada is different than those that circulated in the United States.

Silver Canadian Dollar coins, sometimes colloquially referred to as “Loonie Dollars”, were $1 dollar coins that circulated from 1935 to 1967. They were from an alloy that was composed of 80% silver. Each Canadian Silver Dollar coin from this era contained .6 troy ounces of pure silver. Every $10 in Face Value contains 6 troy ounces of silver. This make each $1 face value worth $0 based on today’s silver spot price.

Prior to 1967, Canadian half-dollar, quarter-dollar and dime coins also composed of an 80% silver alloy.

Some Canadian junk silver coins were minted in other alloys as well. Some contained a 50% alloy. Others, particularly in years prior to 1919, were minted in 92.5% Sterling silver.

Canadian Junk Silver Coins

Coin Value/DenomYearsPurity/FinenessWeight (g)ASW (g)ASW (oz.)Melt Value

Canadian Silver Nickels

George V Nickel1911-1919.9251.07950.034706$0
George V Nickel1920-1921.8000.93360.030016$0

Canadian Silver Dimes

George V Dime1911-1919.9252.1553.069293$0
George V Dime1920-1936.8002.3320 g1.8656 g0.06 ozt$0
George VI Dime1937-1952.8002.3320 g1.8656 g0.06 ozt$0
Elizabeth II Dime1953-1967.8002.3320 g1.8656 g0.06 ozt$0
Elizabeth II Dime1967-1968.5002.3328 g1.1664 grams0.0375 ozt$0

Canadian Silver Quarters

George V Quarter1911-1919.9255.8319 g5.3945 g0.1734 ozt$0
George V Quarter1920-1936.8005.8319 g4.6655 g0.15 ozt$0
George VI Quarter1937-1952.8005.8319 g4.6655 g0.15 ozt$0
Elizabeth II Quarter1953-1967.8005.8319 g4.6655 g0.15 ozt$0
Elizabeth II Quarter1967-1968.5005.8319 g2.91595 g.0937 ozt$0

Canadian Silver Half Dollars

George V Half Dollar1911-1919.92511.62 g10.75 g0.3456 ozt$0
George V Half Dollar1920-1936.80011.664 g9.331 g0.300 ozt$0
George VI Half Dollar1937-1952.80011.664 g9.331 g0.300 ozt$0
Elizabeth II Half Dollar1953-1967.80011.664 g9.331 g0.300 ozt$0

Canadian Silver Dollars

George V Dollar1935-1936.80023.3276 g18.662 g0.600 ozt$0
George VI Dollar1937-1952.80023.3276 g18.662 g0.600 ozt$0
George VI Dollar1953-1967.80023.3276 g18.662 g0.600 ozt$0